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KPRI128: Lord, To You My Soul Is Lifted

Lagu: Louis Bourgeois, 1551
Tune: Genevan 25
Syair: Mazmur 25


Syair bahasa Inggris

Lord, to you my soul is lifted.

Let me never be ashamed

that I trust in you to keep me
though I seem to wait in vain.
Lord, remember all you love;
in your holy will instruct me.
Lord, do not remember sins
of those younger years behind me.


Lord of covenant and goodness,
pardon and correct my sin.
They who worship you and fear you
choose the paths you choose for them.
They and all their family
shall possess the earth forever.
You, O Lord, will be their friend,
From the snare you will deliver.


Turn to me in grace and mercy,
as I suffer all alone.
Take away my sin and sadness,
all the trouble I have known.
May my fierce and spiteful foes
not succeed to harm and curse me.
In you faithfulness I hope,
On your people, Lord, have mercy.

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Lord, To You My Soul Is Lifted

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