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KPRI47: I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary

Lagu: William J. Gaither
Tune: Mount Calvary
Syair: Dale Oldham; Gloria Gaither; William J. Gaither

1=Bes 3/4

Lukas 9:25
Syair bahasa Inggris

There are things as we travel this earth's shifting sands
That transcend all the reason of man;
But the things that matter the most in this world
They can never be held in our hand


I believe in a hill called Mount Calv'ry
I'll believe whatever the cost
And when time has surrendered and earth is no more
I'll still cling to that old rugged cross


I believe that the Christ who was slain on that cross
Has the power to change lives today;
For He changed me completely, a new life is mine
That is why by the cross I will stay


I believe that this life with its great mysteries
Surely someday will come to an end;
But faith will conquer the darkness and death
And will lead me a last to my friend

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I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary

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